RELIVE for 2Lei 2014 @LEA6 #SecondLife


Quest’anno il tema scelto per 2Lei è “Rinascere… Insieme!“, inspirando il nome dell’installazione: RELIVE.

Morlita Quan e Ultraviolet Alter ci mostrano un lavoro a quattro mani che spiega la loro personale visione del problema della violenza contro le donne offrendo anche eventuali soluzioni per essa.

Per la prima volta, la collaborazione continua anche con il concerto: sarà iniziato da Morlita, Ultraviolet proseguirà terminando la serata.

Curatore: Duna Gant


This year, the 2Lei‘s theme is “Rebirth…Together!” and it inspired  the name of the Art-installation: RELIVE.

Morlita Quan and Ultraviolet Alter collaborated to produce this artwork presenting their own vision over the problem of violence against women and over the solution they suggest . For the very first time , they will perform together in a concert. As for the installation , Morlita will be in charge of the first half , and Ultraviolet of the second half .


28.03.2014: “Invasion” di Sniper Siemens a LEA23

sniper siemensLinden Endowment for the Arts


Sniper Siemens


Invasion” – A tribute to the Greenies Home

LEA SIM 23 – March 28th, 2014 3.00 PM SLT
until June 20th, 2014

Sniper dice:

Ho girato tantissime sim ma una in particolar modo mi è rimasta impressa nella mente… la Greenies Home del gruppo Rezzable che purtroppo non sono più in Second Life dal 2009.

Essendo stata scelta nuovamente per il sesto round del progetto LEA ho deciso di rendere omaggio a quella sim riproducendo a modo mio l’interno di una casa gigante. Il mio scopo è di far vivere anche a chi non ha potuto ammirare la Greenies Home quella strana sensazione che si prova ad essere minuscoli…scoprire le meraviglie dei dettagli negli oggetti e magari nascondersi dietro ad un posacenere o un bicchiere.

Le meraviglie tecniche della Greenies Home sono rimaste nella memoria di chiunque abbia avuto la fortuna di visitarla. Nonostante sia chiusa dal 2009 rimane una delle sim più belle mai create in Second Life. Una vera innovazione per quei tempi sia come idee che come tecniche di building.
Non so se riuscirò a far rivivere le stesse emozioni , i tempi sono cambiati ma spero di aver creato un luogo piacevole dove passare uan serata sentendoci un po tutti dei “topolini”…”

Sniper nasce nell’aprile del 2005 e per i primi mesi mi sono dedicata all’esplorazione e conoscenza di un mondo ancora pioneristico.
Dopo un po di tempo mi sono subito dedicata al building e ad aiutare seppure in inglese i primi avatar. Sono entrata nel programma RHN Mentor ufficiale della Linden nel 2006 fino al 2009 quando è stato chiuso. Nel frattempo ho cambiato avatar mantenendo sempre il mio nome ( ci sono affezionata ). In seguito sono entrata nel programma Mentor di Itland che a quel tempo era anche un gateway italiano in Second Life ed ho iniziato a collaborare con il team Phoenix / Firestorm.
Attualmente sono responsabile insieme a Spartaco Zemenis del gruppo Firestorm Support Italian.
Svolgo inoltre la funzione di Beta tester per le nuove release di Firestorm e Second Life.
Quando ho un po di tempo facendo parte del gruppo FS skin Artist aiuto, nel mio piccolo, a sviluppare nuove skin per il viewer.
Sono rientrata nel gruppo RHN e Phoenix Wave Team che pur non essendo più ufficiali come prima sono comunque riconosciuti dalla Linden Lab come gruppi di aiuto per i nuovi entrati.
In tutti questi anni nonostante le molteplici esperienze la mia unica vera passione su Second Life è rimasta il building.

Ho riprodotto le macchine di Leonardo partendo dai suoi famosi schizzi nei Codici leonardeschi.
Dal 2010 ad oggi ho avuto la fortuna di esporre in diverse sim tra cui il MIC di Mexi Lane , ad Imparafacile , alla Sim Sanremo del mio amico Claudio e nel corso del quarto round del progetto LEA dove ho ricostruito anche una piccola parte del borgo di Vinci.


Luna Cobain @ VALO gallery 27.03.2014

luna locThursday March 27th, 3 PM SLT (23.00 CET)

LUNA COBAIN in “Colorful collages” at VALO Gallery

Follow Blue Line 🙂

LunaEnigma (aka Luna Cobain) biography:

A member of SL for almost two and a half years I did not get into building until about a year and a half ago. I have entered contests at Little Blue Fermi, Dreams, Builders Brewery and used to be a member of the BOW. I also represented Little Blue Fermi for SL’s ten year anniversary at the SLB10 – Second Life Birthday – 10th, which was a great honor for me. I have also participated in Little Blue’s Show and Tell and I host Speed Build at LBF every Saturday at 2:30 SL time. Last year was my first time entering a contest at UWA for the theme “Reflections”.

I love to build, especially artistic pieces as opposed to building houses and buildings, although I do enjoy doing that too. I recently formed my own group “Luna’s Builder Banter” so that I can send out notices about Speed Build. Last weekend I had a 24 hour speed build which I called “Slow Speed Build” HAHA! I would like to do that again. I am always looking for builders to join so if you are one please do join my group. There is no charge!

I also love doing computer art and that includes collages. When I was a teen I used to cut pictures out of magazines and make them. Now it is much more fun because all I have to do is search the web for pics – and I don’t need Elmer’s glue!

 Luna Cobain (lunaenigma)

Your breath was shed @ LEA10

Your breath was shed

Sunday March 9th, 2014

1.00 PM SLT – ”Your breath was shed” is an art installation that search one of three topics little discussed within narratology. An artist and a blogger was invited to express themselves through the theme ”Breath”.
Fjara is an uncompromising blogger with her own honest expression that simultaneously conveys the mystique of being an avatar and human. For this project, she was asked to create a place as a contrast to the conceptual expression of the artist. 
Giovanna Cerise is now an established artist in SL. She creates a blend of space, expression and sound in her art. In her artistic expression in this project you can stand in the middle and and be the observant of a story that unfolds around you. Remember to enable sound in her installations. More about Giovanna here:
Mimesis Monday/Heidi Dahlsveen is the curator and in this project an artistic modifier. 
2.00 PM SLT – ”Wear to move” this is an invitation to enter an instant artistic creative collaboration. This is a performance where you can become the protagonist if you want. The performance artist Saveme Oh creates unique moments of moves and scenes for us to enter.
Saveme Oh is an well known performance artist in SL. Through her presence we are emperors without clothes. Her witty sharpness transforms simple “IM’s” into dramatic texts published on her blog. In this way, she makes sure that the virtual art continues to evolve. 

Gluttony: Maloe Vansant & Burk Bode’s Interview by LaMorgh


The Exhibitions about The Seven Deadly Sins, hosted by Pyramid Café art‘s Galleries continue.
Every month a sin!
Sunday January, 19th Maloe and Burk have carried out the photo exhibition called

I asked them some questions, so the artists replied…

LaMorgh: Sinning Gluttony: what is it for you?

Burk: The most common sin nowadays. We lost the meter, instinct and common sense for being humble in our needs. We are gluttons in the use of natural resurces to achieve what we think are our daily needs.
Maloe: Heaps of chocolate , can’t stand this , I am a chocaddict.

LaMorgh: Take pictures on this topic did you intrigue? This is the first time did you experimente something like this?

Burk: Yes, the topic is always intriguing. No, the seven deadly sins are a topic that crossed my way in SL fairly often. It was topic of several competitions I took part in and some of the sins where part of the weekly Masterminds Challenge I join when I have time.

Maloe: No, I made already some pictures of the 7 sins and one of them was gluttony, those intrigues me.

LaMorgh: Gluttony sin: Does it always refer to the sexual scope?
Burk: Of course not, when you look at the pictures we made you see gluttons of all kinds. The sexual aspect of it is only the best to visualize aspect of gluttony 😉
Maloe: Not always, food too, shoes and handbags probably too. Lust for live I call it.
LaMorgh: In some pictures we see a pig. Why did you choose this animal associating it to sin Gluttony?
Burk: Because I found it in my inventory. Ok, there is more…. Pigs are gluttons in a wonderful natural way. They don’t feel guilt or shame for being immoderate and self-indulgent. So if you wanna show gluttony in an excessive way without any self-control, the pig is the perfect fabulous creature for it.
Maloe: Because pigs come very close to men.
LaMorgh: You’ve carried out this exhibition together: did you plan it in every single detail or did you only follow your personal ispiration?
Burk: Both. A part we planned together and a part was the personal inspiration of her and me.
Maloe: Most of the time we work individual, we talk all our pictures tru, show our work to eachother and ask how he or she think about it.
LaMorgh: If I talk to you about Gluttony, what do you think by instinct?
Burk: That we should first make clear what we are talking about. Because gluttony is the most misunderstood topic. Everybody has a different idea what the concept gluttony means.
Maloe: Gluttony is for me food, food, food and sex is the second place.
LaMorgh: Among the 7 Deadly Sins if you had been able to choose, which would you most stimulated in the field of photography?
Burk: Lust.
Maloe: I would have chosen Lust , but maybe good Paola did this , mine would be all censored… LOL
LaMorgh: Among the 7 Deadly Sins which is that do you feel to have?
Burk: Absolutely none. I’m perfect and would never sin in any way.
Maloe: well Gluttony is on top, I want lots from everything.


LaMorgh :*


Añade tus pensamientos aquí… (opcional)

Museo Karura Art Centre (MKAC)






El MUSEO KARURA ART CENTRE, (MKAC), inaugura el sábado día 12 de octubre la III CUMBRE DE ARTE LATINOAMERICA DEL MKAC y la exposición “LABERINTOS DEL ARTE”;una muestra en la que participan 46 artistas de todos los países de Latinoamérica, España y Portugal; exposición con la que el museo conmemora el “Día de la Hispanidad”

Siguiendo los objetivos de las dos cumbres anteriores, realizadas en el museo, la Dirección del museo pretende la difusión del arte, en general, y del arte latinoamericano, en particular; así como establecer vínculos profesionales entre todos los artistas que participan en ella y ofrecer, un amplio abanico de técnicas, recursos, temáticas y estilos artísticos que ayuden a un mayor conocimiento y comprensión de las artes plásticas.

Participan en la exposición “Laberintos del Arte”, los artistas: Beatriz Ansede…

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“Creature of the Moon” by maddomxc Umino

Creature of the Moon” by maddomxc Umino @ Pyramid Cafè and Tanalois Art until October 13th,2013.
where: Arcade Gallery:

Video&photos by Morghana Savira

Music “Angel Under Glass” by Nocturnes dreamscapes (jamendo)
Thank you Duna Gant for maddo’s picture 🙂
This Art Exhibition consists of the 3D version of the paintings by the Italian artist Walter Mac Mazzieri (1947- 1998). The characters, both human and animal, become fantastic, dreamlike works of imagination, and they refer to the myths or to the ancestral fears that man experiences from the birth. The shapes and the colors explode with full force when they become sculptures and the view can be complete; a new life materializes beyond the table of the painter.