Advent Calendar 2014 – Sway’s Land

SwayLand Advent Calendar 2014

from December 1st to 24th 2014 @ Sway’s

All over the SwayLand Sim, Christmas baubles are hidden (ground level only). Find the Christmas baubles, touch them and you get a NC with a keyword/password.

sways LAND

Go to the Advent Calendar and touch the Gift box with the same number, follow the instructions in local chat

• Example:
it’s December 1st, search for the Christmas baubles that includes the NC with keyword/password number 1,
go to the Advent Calendar and touch Gift box #1:
SwayLand Advent Gift – 01: Hello
SwayLand Advent Gift – 01: please tell me the correct password to get the gift
SwayLand Advent Gift – 01: type /01 ‘keyword/password’
type the keyword/password in chat and you get the Advent Gift.

You can only get each Advent Calendar Gift on the right day. (#1 on Dec 1. – #2 on Dec 2. – #3 on Dec 3. …)

If you missed a gift don’t worry, all Advent Calendar gifts will be for sale on the following day (and until the end of the year) for a special price.


Passwords for your Gift Box are:

  1. allwere
  2. nicethi
  3. syear,S
  4. antaw
  5. asatS
  6. wayLa



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