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Art and fashion meet in hats. Good hats are art to wear and subsequently many artists love to create fantastic hats. Fashion designers often show an explosion of creativity in hats. Hats turn to fashion with the styling.
The basic idea of the exhibition is to present hats built by artists and fashion designers together with photos. In the photos is shown a small story around the hat.


Artists, fashion designers, builders has been invited to submit their hat creations. Fashion- and art-photographers submitted their scenery taken with a hat. Some works are created and taken by the same person or they cooperated as designer/photographer-team.

Participating brands and artists are: ALB DREAM FASHION, Annie Klavinham, Annough Lykin, BaObA, Betty Tureaud, BSD Design Studio, “B&W” – Hats & Accessories,Burk Bode, CapCat Ragu, cold Frog, Couture Chapeau, Dantelicia Ethaniel, Eve Kazan, Grim Bros., Hatters n’Hell, Horus Dover aka Noke Yuitza, Kynne Llewellyn, LODE HEADWEAR, Maloe Vansant, MEB, Meilo Minotaur, Melusina Parkin, Miuccia Klaar, nexuno Thespian, Nur Moo, Paris METRO, Renee Parkes, RO™, Romy Nayar, Sabine Mortensen, Steven Venkman, Syra Hyun, Wizardoz Chrome, The Mad Hattery, WuWai Chun, Zibska




Asperix Asp @ Pyramid Cafè and Tanalois Art – May 5th

Pyramid Cafè and Tanalois Art at Solaris Island
have the pleasure to invite you to
the opening of the Art Exhibition by
Asperix Asp
Opening: Sunday May 5th 1:30 PM SLT – 22.30 IT
End show: Sunday May 19
 Promo by Pyramid Cafè TV

Asperix Asp Bio
He is an artist with long experience in the world of the computers and with this great technical resource he is able to carry out the ideas that he wants to express. He has used, and in some cases modified, a dozen software programs to create, manage and alter each one of the images. After creating a 3-D structure he covers it with a texture with water. This element, properly illuminated, is located in the center of a virtual box with mirrored walls. The reflections multiply, prolonging itself without end. It is an infinite sequence within a finite space.
Gerardo Garcia (Pértiga)
An exceptional artist able to dominate the technical side of art so that his overflowing imagination settles and it is naturally spilled upon the canvas. His work, after an impeccable and long period history exhibiting in alternative spaces and on the Internet, is a unique gift for the art community.
Manuel Perez-Lizano (President of Aragonese Association of Critics of Art)

Sheherazade: if you want to survive – tell a story

Sheherazade is the storyteller in ”One thousand and one nights” where the frame story tells about a king who marries a new virgin everyday and next morning kills her. Finally it is Sheherazades turn to become the king’s wife. In the evening Sheherazade starts to tell the king stories, and she continues to tell stories for 1001 nights, and in this way she saves her own and other womens life and she is able to change the kings view on women and the world.
”Scheherazade had nothing; only good stories to tell and the ability to tell them well. The lesson is that, if you want to survive, you better have a good story to tell.” (The last storytellers – Richard Hamilton)
In Second life, where everything is possible 4 artists have created installations to honour the imagination of a storyteller. Here you can hear the silence of the sands, enter the darkness of stars, walk on soundless words and stare at a bird trapped in the chest of a human being.
You are so welcome to the opening, or later if you prefer.
The four virtual artists are: Capcat Ragu, Cherry Manga, Giovanna Cerise and Meilo Minotaur.

Sound by Takio Ra
Date: 3rd of May
Time: 12PM (noon) SLT
Curated by Heidi Dahlsveen/Mimesis Monday