Luna Cobain @ VALO gallery 27.03.2014

luna locThursday March 27th, 3 PM SLT (23.00 CET)

LUNA COBAIN in “Colorful collages” at VALO Gallery

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LunaEnigma (aka Luna Cobain) biography:

A member of SL for almost two and a half years I did not get into building until about a year and a half ago. I have entered contests at Little Blue Fermi, Dreams, Builders Brewery and used to be a member of the BOW. I also represented Little Blue Fermi for SL’s ten year anniversary at the SLB10 – Second Life Birthday – 10th, which was a great honor for me. I have also participated in Little Blue’s Show and Tell and I host Speed Build at LBF every Saturday at 2:30 SL time. Last year was my first time entering a contest at UWA for the theme “Reflections”.

I love to build, especially artistic pieces as opposed to building houses and buildings, although I do enjoy doing that too. I recently formed my own group “Luna’s Builder Banter” so that I can send out notices about Speed Build. Last weekend I had a 24 hour speed build which I called “Slow Speed Build” HAHA! I would like to do that again. I am always looking for builders to join so if you are one please do join my group. There is no charge!

I also love doing computer art and that includes collages. When I was a teen I used to cut pictures out of magazines and make them. Now it is much more fun because all I have to do is search the web for pics – and I don’t need Elmer’s glue!

 Luna Cobain (lunaenigma)